Are you experiencing knee pain, or have you suffered a knee injury? It can be frustrating and debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At The Injury Center, we specialize in helping patients recover from all knee injuries, so you can return to doing what you love. Led by Dr. Tony Wyrwas, DC, MS, DACBSP, DACRB, our experienced team provides evidence-based treatments that relieve your pain and accelerate your healing.

  • Specialized Knee Injury Treatments: We go beyond treating symptoms. Our expert team identifies the root cause of your knee pain and crafts evidence-based treatments tailored for your comprehensive recovery.
  • Innovative Approaches to Accelerate Your Recovery: With a blend of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and innovative treatments like cold laser therapy, we expedite your healing. Our integrated approach could even help you avoid surgery for less severe injuries.
  • Empower Your Athletic Performance: For athletes, we’re here to keep you in peak physical condition. You’ll receive unparalleled care with personalized sports training plans and collaboration with a team of orthopedic surgeons.

Navigating Your Knee Injury: Quick FAQs

Tony Wyrwas, DC, MS, DACBSP, DACRB

Tony Wyrwas, DC, MS, DACBSP, DACRB

Dr. Tony Wyrwas is your dedicated sports chiropractor and physical rehabilitation specialist at The Injury Center, LLC. Renowned for his personalized approach, he excels in delivering customized care plans to patients across all fitness levels. His commitment to providing one-on-one attention ensures that you’re not just a patient but a valued individual on a journey to recovery.

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Q: What signs should I look for in a knee injury?

A: Symptoms of knee injuries often include swelling, stiffness, and heightened pain during standing or walking. You might find the discomfort intensifying throughout the day or easing off during rest periods.

Q: What triggers knee injuries?

A: The origin of knee injuries can be diverse, ranging from sports-related incidents and overuse injuries to unforeseen accidents. Frequent knee injury culprits encompass ACL, MCL, and meniscus tears.

Q: Can chiropractic care help with knee injuries?

A: Yes, chiropractic care is a powerful treatment avenue for numerous knee injuries. At The Injury Center, our seasoned chiropractors and sports medicine professionals utilize evidence-supported treatments to alleviate your pain and foster healing.

Q: What treatments are available for knee injuries?

A: We extend a broad spectrum of knee injury treatments, including chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and innovative methods like cold laser therapy. Our mission is to fast-track your safe recovery with personalized treatments aligned with your unique needs and aspirations.

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